Knowledge is Power and the ability to contextualize knowledge makes it useable. Stonewall’s archives and library are filled with materials (knowledge) and Stonewall’s programs provide context.

Everything we do, that is mission driven, ensures the LGBTQIA+ community, our families and friends, has the information it needs to make informed decisions about the past, today, and tomorrow. Our resources and programs are open to the public and making our materials and collections available to all is foundational to our mission.

Our Stonewall National Education Project (SNEP, founded in 2013) is geared towards educators and administrators from grades K-12, providing them with the tools they need to ensure the best outcomes for LGBTQIA+ students across the United States and beyond. The program includes an annual symposium that meets for four days each April, reviews best practices, fosters safe environments, and outstanding materials promoting acceptance of a curricula that is fully inclusive of LGBTQIA+ history and culture.

The Historic Record is a program designed to inform staff, boards, and community members about LGBTQIA+ history and historic context. This series of programs, live, via internet, or through our database, look at our community history, look at seminal moments in that history and put it in the context of what was transpiring on a national and global scale. Our goal is to take the fear out of situations, replace that fear and anger with the historic record, historic responses, and an understanding of what success in our community looks like.

These series of courses leave people in control of their lives with an understanding of how we got here, what happened before, and the likelihood of where we are going. It puts the power of decision making back in the individual’s hands and makes alarmist propaganda just that, propaganda.

Hate, prejudice, and fear often come out of ignorance. With our library and archives, we can provide the information needed to control that fear and see our community is able to make rational decisions even in what seem to be the worst of times.

Our exhibits, programs, archives, and library are based on the best available historic documentation. They are all designed to be an educational asset, as well as compelling in their own right.

© 1973 -2024 Stonewall National, Museum, Archives, & Library

© 1973 -2024 Stonewall National Museum & Archives