Matthew Leifheit, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

With a focus on the last half of the 20th century to the present day, the Fasana/Graham Archive comprises over 2,700 linear feet (twice the height of the Empire State Building) of items documenting LGBTQIA+ political, cultural and social history. It contains more than 6 million pages of materials.

The professionally organized collection, mostly cataloged with detailed descriptions in a PastPerfect database, is maintained in an environment that meets conservation and archival standards.

The Archives contain serials, papers, objects, textiles, sound recordings, and other media. While its initial focus was on Florida and Southeastern United States, the Archives contain materials from the entire country and a limited number of items of other countries.


Access to the Archive

While we are always happy to provide tours of the Archive to the general public, use is limited to scholars, historians, researchers, writers and artists by appointment only. If you would like access to the Archive– either for a tour or research- please send your request to Please be aware that reasearchers must put in a request at least one week in advance. 

Donations to the Archive/Diversifying the Archive

The vast majority of items in the Archive have been donated by individuals.  We encourage you to drop off or send us your LGBTQIA+ materials.  All magazines, newspapers, serials, papers, objects and items relating to the LGBTQIA+ community are of interest to us.  We receive new donations several times each week.  When items are donated, they are compared against our current holdings.  The new item will be added if we are missing it, or if it is in better condition.  If your item is a duplicate, we endeavor to place it in another LGBTQIA+ archive.

Due to the unintentional nature of our past collecting activities, we are aware of our paucity of items by/for BIPOC.  We actively seek to improve these deficits in our collection.  We ask for your help in these efforts.

If you would like to donate materials to the Archives, please contact Collections Specialist Ben Smith.

Matthew Leifheit, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Borrowing items from the Archive

While we do not make loans to individuals, Stonewall welcomes inquiries from other museums, libraries, and archives who wish to include archival materials in their exhibitions.  Please contact if you are interested in a loan.

Understanding/discovering Stonewall’s Archive

The Archive is divided into seven categories (archival files, fine art, oral histories, posters, pulp fiction, serials, and textiles).  Click here to word search the current Finding Aid to see more detail.


Archival Files – Materials gathered by a particular individual, organization or subject matter: 


Individuals (partial list):

Robert A. Boyle
John Graves
Fred Fejes
Jack Nichols
Robert W. Lee

Dean Trantalis
Roger H. Brown
Frank Kameny
Tom Dalton
Elaine Noble

Joel Starkey
Andrew Eddy
Brian L. McNaught & Ray R. Struble
James T. Sears
Douglas Pew & Donald Croxton

Matthew Leifheit, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Organizations (partial list):

Arts United (Fort Lauderdale)
The Center (New York)
Chicago Hellfire Club
Intersex Society of N.A.
Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Metropolitan Community Church (various locations)

Sunshine Cathedral (Florida)
Project Lazarus
Gay Games
SAGE of Broward County
South Florida Front Runners
Old Lesbians Organized for Change
South Florida Gay Men’s Chorus

Log Cabin Republicans
Black and Lesbian Forum
Gay Straight Alliance
Women In Network  (Broward County)
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Subject Matter (partial list):

 Matthew Leifheit, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Anita Bryant
South Florida Civil Rights Movements
LGBTQIA+ Life, Identity and Culture
LGBTQIA+ in the Military
Gay Politics
Same-Sex Marriage
Transgender Rights

Fine Art:  Prints, photographs and other objects created by LGBTQIA+ artists (partial list):

Anderson and Lowe
Tee Corrine
The Hun
George Stavrinos   


Neal Bate (Blade)
George Platt Lynes
Herb Ritts
Pavel Tchelitchew


Paul Cadmus

Posters:  Commercially printed posters relating to LGBTQIA+ causes, establishments, political efforts and locations.

Pulp Fiction:  More than 2,000 books of fiction.

Serials:  More than one thousand titles of magazines, newspapers and newsletters which were printed in series, either by a non-profit or
for-profit entity. In some cases, we have a single issue; in others we have an entire run.

Serial organized by topics. Click on the topic below to see the serial holdings in the Stonewall Archives. If a digital source exists, it is noted.

Textiles:  T-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments relating to LGBTQIA+ organizations and entities.
Celebrity Items: Over the years, Stonewall has received objects owned or worn by individuals of note:
Rita Mae Brown
James Obergefell
Alan Cumming
Carsen Kressley


Kate Clinton
Hat Sisters
Rev. Bill Johnson
Lady Bunny
Peter Paige

Sharon Gless
Charles Busch
Ricky Martin
Ellen DeGeneres
John Waters
Martina Navratilova