Symposium 2021
Virtual Series

Stonewall National Education Project is an advocate for the safety, inclusion, and value of LGBTQ students, with a focus on improving student achievement, attendance, and graduation rates. Through its vast national network of professionals, SNEP helps to eliminate barriers, and stands up to empower our young people by advocating for institution-wide LGBTQ-inclusive policy. The program, first initiated in 2013. What started as a network of 13 school districts has grown to over 60 school districts serving LGBTQ youth, from a spectrum of major cities and small towns across the nation.

2021 Virtual Symposium on LGBTQ Youth

Stonewall National Education Project invites educators and advocacy professionals to convene via ZOOM for workshops, speakers and curriculum that supports the needs of LGBTQ youth.
  • The virtual six-part series will take place from 4 pm – 5 pm EST/1 pm – 2 pm PST on the following dates: 3/31, 4/28, 5/26, 8/25, 10/27 and 12/15.
  • Two presentations will feature origional LGBTQ curriculum from SNMA.
  • Each presentation will be followed by a virtual “happy hour” for networking and socializing.


March 31, 2021
4 pm (EST)

One year later. As COVID turns one, experts share what they have learned about keeping LGBTQ students safe and engaged.

Changing the School Climate: Virtual Support for LGBTQ+ Students in Your District

Valentina D’Alessandro, Out For Safe Schools Coordinator, Los Angeles LGBT Center
Mahoganie Gaston, Coordinator, Support Services for LGBTQ Youth, Dallas ISD

Are you looking for practical tools to virtually support LGBTQ+ students? In this workshop, you can learn more about the Out for Safe Schools® campaign, a district-wide program that transforms school campuses into communities of support and safety for LGBTQ+ students. Learn about the local campaigns in Dallas and Los Angeles and their strategies for supporting LGBTQ+ students during the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants will learn effective techniques to reduce harm and increase inclusivity of LGBTQ+ students, creating safe spaces on school campuses and in remote and virtual school settings. This interactive workshop will provide best practices to support the unique needs of LGBTQ+ students that school officials can start using TOMORROW on their campuses.

April 28, 2021
4 pm (EST)
How to Implement LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum: New Jersey Pilot Project

Ashley E. Riker, Garden State Equality/Make It Better for Youth

This workshop will assist public school educators (5th-12th grades) in creating robust LGBTQ inclusive lessons. This workshop will provide lessons and classroom materials that are aligned with Core Curriculum Content Standards and reflect diverse instruction. Lesson planning will include template outlines, guiding questions and a pedagogical framework that will assist educators in recognizing and celebrating the significant historic, economic and social contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals in the United States of America and beyond. Teachers will be able to review the LGBTQ-Inclusive lessons and work with the facilitator to align the lessons to their instructional plans. Pilot program research planning and implementation will be shared.

LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum from Stonewall National Museum & Archives
Emery Grant, Deputy Director, Stonewall National Museum & Archives

Be prepared for LGBT History Month in October and plan for LGBT-inclusive curriculum year-round with two exhibitions aligned with common core standards in English, History, Civics and more, drawn from primary sources in the collections of the Stonewall Archives.


May 26, 2021
4 pm (EST)
Gender-Related Research: Critical Knowledge for Educators
Kim Westheimer, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Gender Spectrum

In settings ranging from social media to school board meetings, contradictory facts and figures are often cited related to transgender and nonbinary youth. It can be challenging to assess the validity of these claims, some of which have implications harmful to young people. This session will help participants assess, understand and respond to some of the most often-cited research used to block gender-inclusive initiatives such as so- called “rapid-onset gender dysphoria” and “desistance.” In addition, research on the positive impact of support from parents/caregivers, educators, and peers will be highlighted. This workshop is designed for educators and school leaders who want to increase their own understanding of gender and gain tools to support gender inclusion in their school communities. The presentation assumes a basic understanding of gender diversity.

August 25, 2021
4 pm (EST)
LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum from Stonewall National Museum & Archive

Emery Grant, Deputy Director, Stonewall National Museum & Archives

Be prepared for LGBT History Month in October and plan for LGBT-inclusive curriculum year-round with two exhibitions aligned with common core standards in English, History, Civics and more, drawn from primary sources in the collections of the Stonewall Archives.

October 27, 2021
4 pm (EST)
Kari Points, Keynote Speaker

Kari Points is a white dyke based in Durham, North Carolina. She was raised working class in rural, conservative, Christian Southern Indiana.

For more than 25 years, Kari has organized globally and domestically for collective liberation. Her content expertise is in racial, gender and economic justice; reproductive and sexual health, rights and justice; and bringing healing justice to social change work. Her technical expertise extends across workshop design and facilitation using somatics and participatory methodologies, leadership coaching, public policy advocacy, organizational development and evaluation, partnership and coalition advising, and qualitative research and writing.

Kari created and facilitates the organizing project Finding Freedom: White Women Taking on Our Own White Supremacy, an experiential, somatics-based workshop series that guides white women through an examination of the intersection of white womanhood and white supremacy and trains them to show up constructively for multiracial, people of color-led organizing. She is a board member of Showing Up for Racial Justice, a national organization dedicated to undermining white support for white supremacy and to helping build a racially just society, as part of a multiracial movement.

December 15, 2021
4 pm (EST)
To Be Announced

Symposium 2020

Due to the national Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, Stonewall cancelled our 8th annual National Educational Symposium scheduled for April 19-22, 2020.

We hosted our first “Virtual Edition” Webinar on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.
Watch the recording. Certain portions were re-recorded.





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