With a focus on the last quarter of the 20th century to the present day, the Archives comprise over 2,000 linear feet (twice the height of the Empire State Building) of items documenting LGBTQ political, cultural and social history.

The professionally organized collection, most cataloged with detailed descriptions, is maintained in an environment that meets strict conservation and archival standards.   The Archives contain papers, books, objects, sound recordings (1973-1999), DVDs (2000 to present), VHS tapes (i.e., Falcon Studios, Kristen Bjorn, Colt Studios, etc.) and other media. While its initial focus was on Florida and Southeastern United States, the Archives contain materials from the entire country.

Used by scholars, historians, researchers, writers and members of the general public, access to the Archives is by appointment only.  Please contact Chief Archivist Paul Fasana to schedule an appointment.

The majority of archival materials have been donated by individuals.  If you would like to donate materials to the Archives, please contact Executive Director Hunter O’Hanian or Chief Archivist Paul Fasana.

The Archives include:

Clothing or objects owned or worn by (partial list):

Rita Mae Brown

Kate Clinton

Sharon Gless

James Obergefell

Hat Sisters

 Charles Busch

Alan Cumming

Rev. Bill Johnson

Ricky Martin


Lady Bunny

Ellen DeGeneres

Carsen Kressley

Peter Paige

John Waters

Papers owned by, collected by, or relating to the following individuals (partial list):

Robert A. Boyle

Betty Diener

John Graves

Leonard Paoletti

Jack Nicols

Roger H. Brown

Tom Dalton

Elaine Noble

Joel Starkey

Vito Russo

Dennis Cole

Andrew Eddy

Brian L. McNaught and Ray R. Struble

James T. Sears

Douglas Pew and Donald Croxton

Papers owned by, collected by, or relating to the following organizations (partial list):

Arts United (Ft. Lauderdale)

The Center (New York)

Chicago Hellfire Club


Intersex Society of N.A.

Sunshine Cathedral (Florida)

Project Lazarus

Gay Games

SAGE of Broward County

South Florida Front Runners

Log Cabin Republicans

Black and Lesbian Forum


Gay Straight Alliance


Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Metropolitan Community Church (various locations)

Old Lesbians Organized for Change

South Florida Gay Men’s Chorus

Women In Network (WIN) (Broward County)

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Newspaper and magazine clipping file topics (partial list):


Anita Bryant


LGBTQ life, identity and culture

LGBTQ in the military

Gay politics

Same-sex marriage


Pulp fiction – over 4,000 titles of LGBTQ pulp fiction (1950-1965)

Serials –
A partial listing of serial titles by subject matter and date range. 

                  POZ Magazine (1994 to present)
                  Plus (1999 to present)
                  Positively Aware (1992 to present) 

                  American Bear (Louisville, KY)  (1994-2005)
                  American Grizzly (Louisville, KY)  (1998 – 2005)
                 Bear Magazine (San Francisco) (1989-2001) 

                  Swerv (2009 to present)
                  BLK – The National Black, Lesbian and Gay Magazine (1988-1994) 

                  Gay Parent Magazine (1998 to present)
                  Teaching Tolerance (1992 to present) 

                  Common Lives/Lesbian Lives (Iowa City)  (1981-1996)
                  Deneuve/Curve (San Francisco)  (1991-2017)
                  Girlfriends (San Francisco) (1994-2006)
                  Lesbian Connection (East Lansing, MI) 1974-1996)
                  Lesbian Tide (Los Angeles, CA) (1972-1980)
                  Off Our Backs (Washington, DC) (1976-2005)
                  On Our Backs (San Francisco, CA) (1985-2001)
                  She Magazine (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (1999-2003)
                  Sinister Wisdom (Berkeley, CA) (1976-2010)
                  Sojourner (Cambridge, MA) (1975-2002)
                 Women’s Review of Books (Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA) (1986-2007)

            Gay and lesbian studies
                  Gay Books Bulletin (New York, NY) (1979-1985) 

            Gay male erotica
                  Blueboy (1976-2007)
                  Freshmen (1991-2009)
                  Honcho (1978-2009)
                  Inches (1985-2012)
                  In Touch (1973-2004)
                  Mandate (1975-1995)
                  Numbers (1977-2002)
                  Playguy (1976-2010) 

                  Capital Q  (New South Wales) (1997 to present)
                  Die Kappe (Germany) (1984-1989)
                  XTRA (Toronto) (1985-2007)

                  Bound and Gagged (New York) (1987-2005)
                  Drummer (San Francisco) (1976-1998)
                  Leather Journal (Hollywood) (1987-2019)
                  Manifest Reader (San Francisco) (1988-1999)

                  Christopher Street  (1976-1995)
                  Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review (1994-to present)
                  Lambda Book Report  (Washington) (1987-2008)
                  Mouth of the Dragon: A poetry review of male love (New York) (1974-1980)
                  James White Review (Minneapolis) (1984-2004)

            Male Physique/Naturist
                  Demi-Gods (1961-1966)
                  Focus (1973-1978)
                  Golden Boys (San Francisco, CA) (1967-1970)
                  Young Physique (1960-1966)
                  Male Figure (1956-1966)
                  Physique Pictorial (1951-1990)
                  Mr. Sun (1966-1969)
                  Naked Magazine (1993-2003)
                  Tomorrow’s Man (1951-1967)

                  Advocate (1967 to present)
                  After Dark (1968 – 1983)
                  Equality (Human Rights Campaign Fund) (1996 to present)
                  GAY (1969-1974)
                  Genre (1991-2008)
                  Intelligence Report (Southern Poverty Law Center) (1994 to present)
                  Instinct (1999-2015)
                  MetroSource (1990 to present)
                  OMG (2009-2011)
                  Out (1992 to present) 

                  RFD (Radical Faerie Digest) (1974-2015)

                  Daughters of Bilitis Newsletter (1959-1965)
                  The Ladder (1956-1971)
                  Mattachine Review (1955-1963)
                  One: The Homosexual Magazine (1953-1972)
                  Tangents (1965-1969)
                  Vector: A Voice for the Homosexual Community (1964-1976) 

             Atlanta, GA
                  David Atlanta (1999-2009)
                  Georgia Voice (Southern Voice) (1989 to present)

            Birmingham, AL
                  Birmingham & Alabama Forum (1981-2002) 

            Boston,  MA
                  Boston Spirit (2009 to present)
                  Bay Windows (1984 to present)
                  Gay Community News (1973-1982)
                  Fag Rag (1971-1987)
                  The Guide (1981-2010)

             Chicago, IL
                  Chicago Gay Crusader (1973-1979)
                  Gay Life (1975-1983)

            Detroit, MI
                  Detroit Liberator (1970-1976)

            Fort Lauderdale, FL
                  411 Magazine (2001-2009)
                  David (1978-1988)
                  Hot Spots  (1991 to present)
                  OutClique (2016 to present)
                  Scoop (1992-2001)
                  South Florida Gay News (2010 to present) 

            Hollywood, CA
                  Montrose Voice (1981-1985)
                  Out Smart  (2001 to present)

            Jacksonville, FL
                  David (1970-1974)

            Los Angeles, CA
                  Frontiers (1984-2006)

            Louisville, KY
                  The Letter (1990-2001)

            Minneapolis, MN
                  Lavender (1998-2007)

            Memphis, TN
                  Gaze (1979-1990)

            New Orleans, LA
                  Around the Clock (1984-1985) 

            New York, NY
                  Gay Power (1969-1970)
                  Come Out! (1969-1972)
                  Mattachine Newsletter (1956-1974)
                  New York Native (1970 -1996)
                  Next (1993-2016) 

                  Our Own Community (1976-1998)

            Philadelphia, PA
                 Drum (1964-1969)
                 Philadelphia Gay News (1976 to present)
                 Weekly Philadelphia Gayzette (1974-1977)

            Pittsburgh, PA
                  Pittsburgh’s Out (1980-2005)

            Providence, RI
                  Options (1991 to present)

           Raleigh, NC
                  Front Page (1974-2003)

            St. Louis, MO
                   Gay News Telegraph (1982-1994)

            San Francisco, CA
                  Bay Area Reporter (1971-1989)
                  Gay Sunshine (1970-1982)

            Sacramento, CA
                  MGW (“Mom Guess What?”) (1980-1991) 

           Savannah, GA
                  First City Network (1986 to present)

            Tallahassee, FL
                   Community News (1996-1998)

            Tampa, FL
                  Gayzette (1991-2007) 

           Washington, DC
                  Metro Weekly (1994-2018)
                  Washington Blade (1976 to present)

                     SAGE Matters (New York, NY) (1984 to present)
                  SAGE Matters (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (1994 to present)

                    Freedom Socialist (1977-1991)
                  Guardian (1974-1989)
                  Militant (1976-1980)
                  Torch (1975-1982)
                  Women and the Revolution (1978-1973)
                  Workers Power (1971-1978)
                  Workers World (1975-1993)

                  Playbill (1950 to present)
                 Theater Art (1950-1960)

                  Transgender Tapestry (1983-1987)

                  Bob Damron Address Book (1968-1998)
                  Fun Maps (1994 to present)
                  Passport (1989-2016)
                  Out Traveler (2003 to present)
                  Spartacus International Gay Guide (1974-1978)

                  XY (1996 to present)


Oral History and Video Projects

            Oral History Interviews

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