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If You Could See Me Through My Eyes

Ross Gallery

On View: September 2023 – December 1, 2023


Some of us wake up every morning in the hope of seeing “ourselves” in the mirror, that is, seeing ourselves as our internal camera sees us, not as we appear when we open our eyes. Imagine seeing your own reflection and being certain it is not really you. Then imagine being forced to wear clothes that make you more uncomfortable because they make you self-conscious as they misrepresent who you are to the world around you. All this muddling your brain before you are old enough to understand why.

It does not take long before you are conditioned to feel bad, fearful, and abnormal. It is no surprise that trans children commit suicide at rates far above that of others.

Just as organizations were becoming more supportive and trans people and stories were becoming more visible across all media outlets, the Culture Warriors declared war on us. This has increased violence and negative legislation directed at us specifically. Legislation has targeted our access to healthcare, our ability to tell our stories, and our responsibility to care for our youth so they do not have to live through our experiences without a shoulder to lean on. How do we save lives when ours feel so marginalized and threatened?

Women of color have long been the backbone of the social justice movement and trans women of color are no exception. We just like to do it with a little more sparkle.

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Media Makes a Difference

Hester Gallery

On View: September 2023 – December 1, 2023


History is written by the victors. By and large that has been true. In most schools across the United States and Europe you would not know there were great civilizations and leaders in other parts of the world.  You might think White men did everything by themselves.

Today there is a Culture War with some trying to preserve that myopic view of the world. They wage this war against Blacks, other people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and other minority groups including Jews, Muslims, and everyone who disagrees with them. 

From the august pages of the New York Times, LIFE magazine, and the national television networks we do not have to go very far back to see they reflected those same values.  Over recent decades that thas moderated and we see changes in representation of marginalized people. With every effort to see people as they truly are there is pushback by radical right publications and media that deny any view of history but the one they promote, and when it cannot be ignored it is challenged, attacked, and misrepresented.

As you look through this exhibit view the subtle changes in how others see us and how we see ourselves.